01 April 2008

Letter to Geert Wilders

AS the President of the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), President of Gerakan Belia 4B Malaysia (4B) and President of Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam (DMDI), I wish to send out a strong message of protest towards the irresponsible release of the short film Fitna by Dutch film maker, Geert Wilders.

The 110 member countries of WAY, the members of 4B and DMDI are unanimous in recording their feelings of disappointment, disapproval and disgust towards the uncivilized, thoughtless and obstinate action by Geert Wilders in releasing his film, Fitna, which is defamatory and a wholly inaccurate portrayal of Islam despite protests from the international Muslim community.

We are outraged that Geert Wilders has persisted in releasing his film without permission and regard for Muslims and respect for the Holy Quran. Geert Wilders may defend the release of his film as freedom of expression. We strongly assert that Muslims will not and cannot tolerate such abuse towards Islam and such wanton disregard for the feelings of Muslims worldwide.

We further assert that there must be mutual respect, sensitivity and understanding between different religions and Geert Wilders’ irresponsible act clearly does nothing to propagate that. On the contrary, his act has succeeded in creating feelings of hatred and animosity among Muslims towards Western countries.

We immediately demand an apology from Geert Wilders on behalf of all Muslims.


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